Pam Raider holding her WFHB Producer of the Year 2011 award.WFHB RADIO held it’s Annual Meeting Saturday, June 4, 2011, in Bloomington at the Waldron Arts Center auditorium.

Attending the meeting were Pam Raider and Jeff Foster (Pam’s the Managing Producer and Jeff’s the Technical Producer of WFHB’s Brown County Hour radio show). They went mostly to hear the annual reports, hang out with the good radio folks and graze on WFHB’s dime at the buffet table.


So Pam was completely caught by surprise when she was called up to receive the radio station’s award for “Producer of the Year, 2010 – 2011”, for her leadership role with The Brown County Hour. The award reads “Honoring the person who pulls it all together behind the scenes.”

Not only was Pam the catalyst for Brown County being offered a radio show of it’s own on WFHB back in the Summer of 2010, she has also been the driver and “official cat herder” (as she is affectionately known) behind, as well as part of, the creative and dedicated team that has been producing the episodes for the past year.

All of the BCH production team and crew are thrilled for Pam, and our hearty congratulations go out to her for this achievement. She has worked on the Brown County Hour harder than anyone, and there’s no question in our minds: without Pam Raider, there would be no Brown County Hour. We love ya, Pam!

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