The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is charged with maintaining diversity and protecting wild life. Unfortunately, their new plan will drastically change the character of Indiana’s forests. They will no longer be continuous and unbroken, and almost all of the trees larger than 16″ in diameter will be gone.

This will cause a dramatic loss of habitat, encourage erosion, degrade the ecosystem, and strip Indiana of an increasingly rare and precious asset — her undeveloped back country and what’s left of her old-growth forests.

At the heart of this debate is what exactly do we Hoosiers want to see happen in these forest lands managed by the DNR, and whether we are willing to see value beyond money in preserving a small portion of this land for the future. Or… are we simply going to stand by and watch this rare and unique resource be cut down, ground up and hauled away for a pittance of its true value?

If you think the DNR plan is bad policy, please contact your representatives and let them know!

And if you’re unsure of who your representatives are, CLICK HERE.

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Forest Disease – Linda Baden

Linda Baden on Forest Disease: 2016-11-06 Report by Linda Baden.  This report was referenced in the November 6, 2016 Brown County Hour program. Linda Baden along with her husband Charles Cole are the founding members of Friends Of Yellowwood. They are long time activists focused on good forest management, and preservation of our existing State Forests. […]

Indiana Forest Alliance: Wild Indiana Campaign (video)

“We trusted that the forest would be managed carefully and intelligently,” says Brown County resident Charlie McCalla. Listen to Charlie and the voices of seven other Hoosiers concerned about the 1000% increase in commercial logging of publicly owned forestland by our own state government. Watch and share this 6-minute video, express your opinion to Gov. […]

A walk in the woods with IN gubernatorial candidate John R Gregg

The meeting had been in the works for several weeks. The time and date changed a few times because Mr. Gregg is a busy man. Yesterday, at long last, a group of us met with gubernatorial candidate John R Gregg for a walk in the woods. We met at 9:00 a.m. in Beanblossom under threatening […]

WoodWatch: Hiking the wasteland

Another beautiful day gave me the perfect excuse to work on my stay fit during winter plan. I’ve been wanting to hike the area next to us that was recently logged. It would’ve been smarter if I’d gone while the ground was still frozen, but I was filled with desire, and it was fifty degrees […]

Let’s NOT allow this to happen

  I’m beginning to find a whole new attraction to cold and rainy days. When the weather is inclement the loggers don’t work, and the forest is allowed one more day of existence. This situation also bought me enough time to come up with a camcorder. Time is of the essence, and the delay of […]

WoodWatch: Living next to Ground Zero

by Dave Seastrom, BCH Producer and unabashed tree-hugger Becky and I live right next to “ground zero”. Soon the chainsaws, skidders, and dozers will have their way with this once pristine forest and this track will become a product of the new forest plan. I use the word product because that’s the way the state […]

WoodWatch Update: Being A Good Steward

FATHER’S DAY 2014 — In times past forest preservation groups have tried many different methods to bring public attention to the cause of forest preservation. There were protests at timber sales, tree sitting, and lots of sign carrying. These groups had their hearts in the right place, unfortunately the net effect of their protests was […]

WoodWatch: Study of DNR plan approved but stopped by SOH Bosma

by David Seastrom, BCH Co-producer Yesterday I had a conversation with Jeff Stant, chairman of the Indiana Forest Alliance, and I am disappointed to share the news, Speaker of the House, Mr. Brian Bosma, has decided not to allow the study of the new DNR plan to proceed. This study was approved by a majority from both […]

The Forest Guardian Program in action

~~ by David H Seastrom, BCH co-producer and unabashed tree-hugger This Saturday, my wife Becky and I are hosting a group of concerned citizens who will survey the marked forest behind our house. This survey is part of the Forest Guardians program designed to bring more information to the public about the Department of Natural […]

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