BCH logo by John Wm SissonThe Brown County Hour is a monthly, community-generated radio program originating in beautiful Nashville, Indiana. In association with WFHB Community Radio in Bloomington, Indiana, BCH spotlights the times and talents of Brown County folks in southern Indiana… where “things get done a little different”.

Brown County is an historic and successful artist colony, one of the oldest in America, and full of interesting, creative and independent people with amazing abilities, talents and stories. It’s been said that the number of successful, creative people, per capita, is probably higher in Brown County than anywhere else in the state of Indiana. Sounds about right to us.

The goal of BCH is to present an entertaining one-hour radio program that showcases and celebrates the many facets and talents of Brown County folk.

The Brown County Hour debuted in July, 2010, and is produced by “the BCH six-pack”, a tightly-knit group of volunteers who each freely and lovingly contribute their time and talents to create a monthly radio program representing Brown County Indiana in all its glory.

Many have been with the show since the very first organizational meeting back in 2009, others have climbed aboard the band wagon more recently… but each finds and creates their own vital role in the cyclical evolution of the show.

The crew meets every Tuesday evening in the BCH studio located in the Brown County History Center, where most segment production, discussion and planning takes place.

BCH Crew

Brown County Hour Crew

  • Chuck Wills Producer, Engineer, Web Dude

    I first came to Brown County as a child in 1974, and though I’ve been many places since, I always wanted to return here. After marrying a girl with the same affinity for the hills of Brown County, we moved here in 2006.

    In 2016 I connected with WFHB and The Brown County Hour, and became their Engineer, Co-Producer, and Website dude. It’s wonderful helping create a show about the community that I love, with such a talented and entertaining group of folks!

  • Dave Seastrom Producer

    I was kidnapped by gypsies as a baby and raised by wolfs. I spent most of my adolescence living in a cave eating brown rice and playing guitar. I gave up a peaceful life of seclusion to become a forest activist and a radio performer. Now I can be found at farmer’s markets and pride festivals across Indiana. I’m the smiling forest activist asking; “can I interest you in saving the forest?”

  • Jim Lemon
    Jim Lemon Producer, Engineer

    Born during the last of the Eisenhower years, my family relocated to Bloomington in 1960.

    Forced into a move to the Chicago Area in summer of 1971 (no one asked 13 year old me what I wanted) I settled uneasily into a suburban life of small yards and too many streetlights.  43 years later, my yearning for a return to the hills of Monroe and Brown County was finally made real.

    In 2016 I moved into Nashville proper and began to acclimate myself.  I met Rick Fettig and somehow our conversation turned to Radio.  Once I explained my long love of Broadcasting and the various Radio jobs I’d held while in Chicago, he asked me come in and talk to the team.


  • Pam Raider
    Pam Raider Producer
  • Vera Grubbs Producer

    I was born in Germany on September 11, 1950. My immediate family immigrated in 1960. I became a mother at a young age , thus going back to university at age 49. My degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing was completed in December of 2003.
    I joined the Brown County Hour production team during the time of working on episode #2, that would be around September, 2010. I also volunteer at WFHB, the mother station in Bloomington. I have a personal motto that means a lot to me….. I strive to be physically active, socially engaged, and intellectually involved.

  • Rick Fettig Producer

    As I ended up living in Bloomington, I quickly heard of WFHB. I was smitten, I was turned on, and thus tuned in at every opportunity. I heard of possibly a show from Brown County that would be aired on WFHB. I was at the first meeting that I heard about, and I’ve been involved in The Brown County Hour ever since. It’s been a great and rewarding experience so far , and I expect it to continue, and for the show to only get better.

Our Contributors

  • Jeff Tryon
    Jeff Tryon My Brown County

    A Nashville native, Jeff shares Brown County the way he sees it, in “My Brown County”

  • Cari Ray
    Cari Ray For A Song

    Singer Songwriter Cari Ray contributes “For A Song” as well as other topical pieces.

  • Jim Eagleman
    Jim Eagleman Nature News

    Jim contributes the “Nature News” segment, and often brings in other nature related characters.

Copyright Notice

All original content, as well as archived audio files of the program, are the property of the Brown County Hour and protected by Copyright, All Rights Reserved. Downstream use of BCH content is allowed by written permission with appropriate acknowledgement of the Brown County Hour as source. Some content presented on the program (e.g., music, poetry, etc) is the intellectual property of our guests, and protected by their copyrights. Other content may not be the original works of either BCH or of its guests on the program. However, WFHB (as a responsible not-for-profit radio station) pays appropriate royalties for any copyrighted non-original content used on the program. The Brown County Hour is a production of WFHB Community Radio in Bloomington, Indiana. 

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