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The Brown County Hour debuted on WFHB on June 26, 2010. For three years the show has been a successful bi-monthly program. Not bad for an all-volunteer community radio project. We won an award in the April 2011 Society of Professional Journalists’ Best Of The Best Awards, Indiana Division, And Pam Raider was awarded WFHB Producer of the Year in June of that year. We cruised through a year on our laurels, had a bit of a mid-life crisis in 2012, but bounced back in 2013 with the addition of Dave Seastrom to our Creative Team, and several new segment contributors, most notably Dave, Mike Bube, Jon Kay, ‘Tramp Star’, and others.

For the past year the BCH crew and WFHB have been talking about taking the show to a monthly schedule, effectively doubling our work load and rate of production. Now bear in mind that Brown County folks ‘do things a little different’, and have a certain suspicion when it comes to ambition. We’ve seen ambition take its toll on a lot of people, and we just don’t feel the need to follow that example. We like things the way they are pretty much most of the time.

But this little radio show is something we all care about… a lot. Part of that may have something to do with the fact that the core team likes to get together once a week to rant and rave and have a good time. But it’s more than that… it’s a creative outlet for us, but it’s more than that, too.

When we get together on Tuesday nights and discuss this unique community, (probably the only county in Indiana that the very name of it evokes a distinct and well-known reputation for all things creative, down-home wisdom, a general love of nature and unusual, eccentric people), we feel driven to bring all these stories out of the time-sensitive oral and dusty library book traditions and showcase them in the digital age… in a hopefully entertaining fashion.

With that priority firmly in mind, we’re ramping up to take the Brown County Hour monthly, with our launch program airing Sunday, September 1, 2013, 9am on WFHB.

Henceforth, BCH will air on the 1st Sunday of every month at 9am. If you live outside the WFHB broadcasting area you can catch the show live on WFHB.org, or stream it afterwards from WFHB or here on our website.

We expect a few hiccups, but hopefully no train wrecks. Our production paradigms will be changing and evolving quickly for awhile as we work out the kinks. But we’re pretty confident we can not only bring the show to air twice as often, but make it even better in the process.

We thank YOU, a Brown County Hour fan, for all you do to help make our show better! You’re encouraged to register at our site and leave comments, and please feel free to use the BCH email form to communicate with the BCH crew more directly. If you live (now or ever) in Brown County and would like to contribute an audio segment for the show, pull the rope and we’ll talk about it. If you have a criticism of the show, those are welcome, too. We have thick skin, but listen to every perspective in hopes of finding something we can use to make the show better.

~~ With a tip o’ the hat, your Brown County Hour Crew

  • Jeff Foster
  • Pam Raider
  • Rick Fettig
  • Vera Grubbs
  • Janice Pearce
  • David Seastrom

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