I’m extremely heartened that the will of the people superseded the heavy hand of the State, and the Yellowwood Road project has been substantially changed to reflect the views of the people who actually live along the road, and here in the County.

Mind you now, this isn’t because the State listened, in fact they informed everyone back in July, at the so called ‘public input meeting’, that this was a done deal. But a funny thing happened on their “Road” to suppress democracy, the people got involved.

It turns out the final word rested with the County Commissioners, and when this was pointed out to them they began a series of meetings to address the concerns of folks who will be most impacted, the people who actually live on Yellowwood road.

In last weeks Brown County Democrat (the local paper) the head DNR fellow from Yellowwood Forest, Jim Allen, wrote a letter to the editor in which he played fast and loose with the facts, and he’s been called out on these untruths.

Somewhere in Indianapolis the DNR is meeting to discuss the fact that they just got their comeuppance, and frankly it’s high time.

The upper portion of Yellowwood road will not be paved, and the County completely rejected the State’s plan to use the inferior “chip and seal” on the lower portion of the road, and sent INDOT back to the drawing board.

There’s a lessen to be learned here, and it has huge implications on the up coming fight to save the Back Country Forest Preserve areas that are slated for destruction. If enough people care about an issue, even the mighty DNR can be made to bend to the will of the people.

This is our chance to make a difference, if you care about the future of our wild lands, please consider lending your hand and heart to the cause.

There are two bills before the legislature that would restore the three remaining Back Country areas to there former protected status: Senate Bill 398, and House Bill 1179. We urge any one who’s interested to contact their representative and share your feelings.

In a date yet to be announced, there will be a meet and greet for State Senator Brent Steel and Representative Eric Koch that the League of Women Voters will be hosting at the Brown County office building. It’s going to be held within a couple weeks.

We are hoping for a large turn out to support the Back Country. As soon as there’s a firm date I will post and send a letter to the Democrat.

~~ Dave Seastrom.

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