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BC legislators address concerns about BC forest lands


rep_mugsAs previously announced, today State Representative Eric Koch and State Senator Brent Steele held a meeting at the Brown County Building (sponsored by the BC League of Women Voters with support from Farm Bureau) to take the pulse of their constituents. Many subjects were discussed. About halfway through the meeting, BCH co-producer Dave Seastrom broached the topic of the Indiana DNR’s plan to harvest 60% of our state forests, which many folks in Brown County (increasingly so as they are made aware of the plan) adamantly oppose.

The BCH team was on hand to capture the audio from this meeting. The full segment will air in our March 2 broadcast. However, we feel this matter is urgent enough to post this teaser clip from the meeting, wherein our elected officials offered encouragement and advice on how YOU can make a difference to help preserve our state forests for the people today, and for future generations.

If you value our state forests and want to see them preserved
rather than exploited for modest state monetary gains
that will subsequently take several decades to heal,
please listen, and most importantly, take action!

Excerpt from legislators’ meeting, Feb 8, 2014

Again, to catch the full segment, tune into the Sunday, March 2 9am airing of the Brown County Hour on WFHB. If you miss it, the episode is slated to be re-broadcast the following Wednesday, March 5, at 6pm. Thank you!

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