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Hunting the Elusive Morel Mushroom

morel_mushroomIt’s that time of year when many, many folks in Brown County boot up to hit the woods in search of southern Indiana’s tastiest volunteer wild food, the Morchella (aka the Morel mushroom).

The internet is, of course, abuzz with reports of sightings, captures, and recipes for this delectable little dirt fruit, but the Brown County Hour can offer something unique — the insights of one of Brown County’s most famous (and notorious) shroomers, a man who measures his catch by the feed bag, a man almost as elusive as the fungus he hunts with such success, Mr. Bird Snyder. He also happens to be a banjo picker in the White Lightening Boys, a not irrelevant factoid.

Here’s the Snyder segment BCH aired in Episode #16, our April, 2013 show, in which, among other things, Bird proceeds to detail his approach to awesome shrooming in the hills of County Brown:

Bird Snyder on mushrooming

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