Brown County Hour
Brown County Hour
BCH Episode #36 - March 2015

Hosted by Dave Seastrom, Vera Grubbs, Rick Fettig & Jeff Foster.

First aired Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 9 AM on WFHB.

In this episode of the Brown County Hour:

  • Musical guest Tammera Lane of CELTICA — interview and songs from Labyrinth Walk.
  • Cari Ray returns with another For A Song, exploring the creative processes involved in songwriting. This month: Making the most of what you have.
  • Yellowwood Road resident Mark Cagle presents his views on the State’s controversial road project.
  • Eric Freeman of the National Maple Syrup Festival describes the history of the event and the many offerings to be presented during its Brown County debut.
  • Dave Seastrom tells the story of his own maple syrup experiences.
  • Rick Fettig with a Brown County News Update on the Shine-On 2-K Run, a somewhat mythical event coming soon.
  • Poetry by Gunther Flumm: Leprechauned 
Theme music by Slats Klug & Friends.

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