Brown County Hour
Brown County Hour
BCH Episode #83 - February 2019

Happy February and welcome! Rick Clayton joins us as our musical guest, as part of The Late Show band. He brings their new album Sha La La, as well as lots of fun stories!  Cari Ray reports in from Texas hill country, and Susan Clearwater shares her new book. Gather ’round the radio with your friends and settle in for an hour of pure Brown County goodness!

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Our show includes:

Hosted by Dave Seastrom, Pam Raider, Vera Grubbs, Chuck Wills, Jim Lemon, and Rick Fettig.

First aired Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 at 9 AM on WFHB

Engineering & post-production by Chuck Wills and Jim Lemon.

Theme music by Slats Klug & Friends.

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