Brown County Story Slam
Brown County Story Slam
"Liar's Bench" Story Slam Winners

Our June Story Slam topic was “The Liar’s Bench”! We threw out most of the rules, and encouraged everyone to come with their best tall tale. All of our story tellers embraced the idea, and came with the most far fetched things you could imagine. Our winners of the evening were David Denman, with a story of Grandparents and outdoor plumbing. David has been at each of our events, and it was great to see him take home the grand prize tonight.

Runner Up was Kyle Birkemeier, with a story of vacuums and vampires… which may or may not have been true. Listen and decide for yourself.

Our last Slam of the summer season is July 11. We’ll be back for our fall season the second Thursday of September.

Thanks to our sponsors – Brown County Inn, Bear Wallow Distillery, and Nashville Arts & Entertainment Commission!

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