Brown County Hour
Brown County Hour
Woodshed Sessions Music Special

This is a special music presentation of The Woodshed Sessions on Brown County Hour. We have recorded so many talented musicians over the years, we want to take this opportunity to share them with you. All of these songs are recorded LIVE in our studio, and you’ll never hear these cuts anywhere else. This episode is hosted by Chuck Wills and Jim Lemon, both hunkered down in our woodland home studios!

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Our show includes:

    • Tim Grimm
    • Chris Dollar
    • Robby Bowden with Carolyn Dutton
    • Chris Wolf
    • Will Scott
    • Hamilton Creek
    • Kade Puckett
    • String Bean String Band, with Robby Bowden and Dave Gore
    • The Hammer and The Hatchet
    • Jason Blankenship with Dave Sharp
    • Kenan Rainwater with Barry Elkins
    • JC blankenship with her blues band.

Hosted by Dave Seastrom, Pam Raider, Vera Grubbs, Chuck Wills, Jim Lemon, and Rick Fettig.

First aired Saturday, March 20th, 2020 on WFHB

Engineering & post-production by Chuck Wills and Jim Lemon.

Theme music by Slats Klug & Friends.

Our cover photo courtesy of Chuck Wills

Our Story Slam Podcast, and this episode are sponsored by The Brown County Inn

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