BCH Episode #11 – Earth Day Special
Brown County Hour

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Hosted by Janice Pearce and Rick Fettig.

Earth Day will be celebrated April 21 at the Brown County YMCA, starting at 10 am..

First aired Saturday, April 14, 2012 at 5 PM on WFHB.

In this episode of the Brown County Hour:

  • BCH celebrates Earth Day, opening with George Clegg learning all about geodes from Don Crumb
  • County elder Hank Swain tells about the day Salt Creek flowed backwards, and the effect it had on the community
  • Yolanda Toschlog details efforts to clean up Salt Creek
  • Susan Showalter interviews long-time Brown County musician Pat Webb, who was involved in the original Earth Day celebration
  • June Wolpert discusses the fine art of quilting with Lee Engren
  • Bruce Clegg gives us the low-down on solar panels and how they work
  • Chris Gustin shares her story with the art of weaving with Vera Grubbs
  • The Brown County Farm Report with Bill Land and Gunther Flumm
  • Brown County’s proposed revisions to its sewage ordinance raises some eyebrows
  • Earth Day Birthday – poem by Gunther Flumm
  • Yvonne Oliger recaps her 20 years of service as the county’s librarian with some history of our beloved community resource
  • Rick Fettig offers his commentary on our addiction to oil, climate change, technology, and the costs of not knowing any better.
Theme music by Slats Klug & Friends.

Also available for downloading/streaming at WFHB.org – Brown County Hour

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