Brown County Hour
Brown County Hour
BCH episode #106 - January 2021

Our January episode includes a tributes to two friends recently lost – John Franz and Doc Brester. John was a revered local musician, and Doc Brester was a beloved veterinarian. We also have pieces from Jeff Tryon, Nature Ramblings with Jim Eagleman, and more.

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Our show includes:

  • We remember John Franz with an interview from 2011, his 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award, and many songs from Slats Klug and other friends.
    • Marvin Parrish sings his song “John Franz”.
    • John Franz sings “Simple Song”, written for him by Slats Klug.
    • John Franz sings Slat’s song “Ballad of Wash and Mary Barns”.
    • John and friends sing Slat’s song “Within These Hills”
  • Chuck Wills witnesses the planetary convergence.
  • Vera Grubbs interviews author Debora Bowden.
  • Jim Eagleman discusses “Winter Neighbors” in Nature Ramblings.
  • Jeff Tryon is out of the loop.
  • Rick Fettig knows something about Unity.
  • Dave Seastrom remembers Doc Brester

Hosted by Dave Seastrom, Pam Raider, Vera Grubbs, Chuck Wills, Jim Lemon, and Rick Fettig.

First aired Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 at 9 AM on WFHB

Engineering & post-production by Chuck Wills and Jim Lemon.

Theme music by Slats Klug & Friends.

Our cover photo courtesy of Chuck Wills and Geoff Thompson

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