Chuck WillsProducer, Engineer, Web Dude

I first came to Brown County as a child in 1974, and though I’ve been many places since, I always wanted to return here. Even though I was a musician, I graduated with a business degree from Ball State in 1992. Job prospects were slim, so after driving a forklift for a summer I decided to take the road less traveled… In other words, I did a lot of oddball stuff, including: wandered the country for a summer in a Jeep, drove a forklift, managed a logo business, became a race car mechanic, taught high performance driving, got a job as a graphic designer and *then* learned photoshop, got a job as a web designer and *then* learned how to build websites, sold toner cartridges, played trumpet in a  brass quintet.

After marrying a girl with the same affinity for the hills of Brown County, we moved here in 2006. I traded my trumpet for a guitar, and as they say “the rest is history”. I quickly found myself playing guitar and singing in several regional bands, and took a deep dive into audio engineering and production. Along with performance activities, I co-founded and co-produce the Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Festival.

In 2016 I connected with WFHB and The Brown County Hour, and became their Engineer, Co-Producer, and Website dude. It’s wonderful helping create a show about the community that I love, with such a talented and entertaining group of folks!

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