Jim LemonProducer, Engineer

Born during the last of the Eisenhower years, my family relocated to Bloomington in 1960. Running with all matter of new friends in the early years of the Blue Ridge neighborhood hard by Griffey Lake and attending camp out on Bear Creek Road was a blessed childhood full of adventure and a lifetime of memories.

Forced into a move to the Chicago Area in summer of 1971 (no one asked 13 year old me what I wanted) I settled uneasily into a suburban life of small yards and too many streetlights. My distaste for those unfamiliar things was eventually made easier by another batch of stellar friends and Urban adventures that continue to this day.

43 years later, my yearning for a return to the hills of Monroe and Brown County was finally made real.

In 2016 I moved into Nashville proper and began to acclimate myself. I met Rick Fettig and somehow our conversation turned to Radio. Once I explained my long love of Broadcasting and the various Radio jobs I’d held while in Chicago, he asked me come in and talk to the team.

That was several months ago and it appears I haven’t screwed that up yet.

Stand by.

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