Dave SeastromProducer
I was kidnapped by gypsies as a baby and raised by wolfs. I spent most of my adolescence living in a cave eating brown rice and playing guitar.
After successfully avoiding the draft, I went to art school and fell in love with the wrong girl. It took me 20 years to find out because I’m slow like that. Then I met the right girl, and we’ve been together for 25 years.
I’ve lived in the deep woods of Brown County for forty one years and have long since lost my ability to live amongst polite company, so I’m here for the duration.
I gave up a peaceful life of seclusion to become a forest activist and a radio performer. Now I can be found at farmer’s markets and pride festivals across Indiana. I’m the smiling forest activist asking; “can I interest you in saving the forest?”
You can hear my compatriots and me on the Brown County Hour on the first Sunday of every month at 9:00 a.m.and the following Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. on volunteer powered WFHB.

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