Rick FettigProducer

I was born in Bethesda ,Md. due to my Father being in the Navy. Mom and I flew home when I was 19 days old, and I lived with my Mom and Grandma for about two years. I grew up in Seymour, In. I was raised Catholic , and lived across the street from the Catholic church and school. This prompted my accomplishment of 12 years of perfect attendance. Having gone to the Catholic school, I was rather shy and quiet as I went through high school. I did get the best dressed male our senior year. I was the first to wear bell bottoms to school. A little in high school, and more so when of college age, I ran some with John Mellencamp. Our grandparents went to church together, and our parents were very good friends. I did do some college, and some traveling around the country. When I decided to move back toward home John’s Dad got me on the construction crew, and I helped build The Belmont Mall, (Mellencamp’s recording studio).Upon completion, John asked if I wanted to stick around and be the 2nd engineer. I said , sure, what’s that.?.So I stuck around and was 2nd engineer for 6 or 8 albums: from “Scarecrow” to “Cuttin Heads”.Though I didn’t go out on tours, I went to Letterman several times, stood side stage at concerts in front of thousands of fans, and was back stage for the first few Farm Aids; oh the people I met. I was also the guy to pick everyone up at the airport; Bonnie Raite (SP), Ricci Lee Jones, Fogerty. Oh yea, I spent three days driving Bob Dylan around while John helped him film “Political World”. As I ended up living in Bloomington, I quickly heard of WFHB. I was smitten, I was turned on, and thus tuned in at every opportunity. At a point, I left Cougar Ville and ended up living in Brown County. I then heard of possibly a show from Brown Cty. that would be aired on WFHB. I was at the first meeting that I heard about, and I’ve been involved in The Brown County Hour ever since.Remember, upon 1st listening to WFHB, I had developed a great appreciation for the station. Having the experience with Mellencamp, and being involved in the production of a number of platinum albums; I felt like I just might have something to add to a show like the BCH. It’s been a great and rewarding experience so far , and I expect it to continue, and for the show to only get better.

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