Vera GrubbsProducer

I was born in Germany on September 11, 1950. My immediate family immigrated in 1960. I became a mother at a young age , thus going back to university at age 49. My degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing was completed in December of 2003.
I did not work in my chosen field as I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2001. My health is excellent despite the chronic illness . During the years of child rearing, I also worked in the family printing business; retiring in 1998.
Retiring is not a concept I know about and I wouldn’t want to live my life that way. My life is filled with activities out in nature, family and friends with good food and socializing, quiet reading and hand-crafting. Traveling is also a source of great pleasure and knowledge.
I joined the Brown County Hour production team during the time of working on episode #2, that would be around September, 2010. I also volunteer at WFHB, the mother station in Bloomington.
I have a personal motto that means a lot to me….. I strive to be physically active, socially engaged, and intellectually involved.

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